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Harold Alfond Athletic Center

The Harold Alfond Athletic Center is the centerpiece of the Thomas College campus and has a large presence when entering the campus. This athletic complex was designed with the intention of functioning as a recreation center for the student population and a state of the art indoor training facility for Thomas College's athletic teams. There are three regulation tennis courts, which is a Mondo rubberized composite floor.


Size: 36,313 Square Feet

Cost: $4.7 Million

Construction Completed: 2006

Built By: Sheridan Construction



Multi-sport, three-court surface

Jogging track

Fitness center with weight room and cardio room

Multipurpose room

Plyometrics room

Locker rooms

Administrative offices

Equipment storage


Larry Mahaney Gymnasium


The playing and practice facility for men’s and women’s basketball. This is a finished wood floor surface with six sections of bleachers surrounding the court, when opened extended 20 feet onto the floor. Scoreboards are located on east and west walls of the gymnasium. This gymnasium is also available for the use of volleyball.


Size: Bleachers closed – 80’ x 115’/ Bleachers extended – 60’ x 115’

Construction Completed: About 1971

Seating Capacity: About 600 people





Double Door Exits

Six basketball hoops


Bernatchez (Red) and Smith (Black) Turf Fields


The new turf fields are adjacent to each other in the complex, and the primary tenants are men and women's soccer, men and women's lacrosse, and field hockey squads. The fields are known on campus as the "black" and "red" fields, for the color of the 12-foot border surrounding each field.


First Events:  Smith Field: Thomas vs. USM Men’s Soccer September 18th, 2012

Bernatchez Field: Thomas vs. Daniel Webster Field Hockey September 17th, 2012

Size: 235 yards each (475 x 130 yards combined)

Cost: $4.5 Million

Construction Completed: 2012

Built By: Smith Field – Signature Turf

Bernatchez Field – Power Blade HP

Type of Turf: Smith Field – Field Turf

Bernatchez Field – Victory Turf

Capacity: Approximately 500




2 Storage buildings





Portable bleachers

H. Allen Ryan Field

H. Allen Ryan Field is the playing and practice facility for the baseball program, which consists of a grass infield and outfield with an in ground irrigation system. It meets NCAA standards with team dugouts and permanent fencing. The scoreboard is located in left field. And three batting cages and one bullpen are located off of left field.


First Event: Thomas vs. UMPI (Doubleheader) April 10th, 1999

Size: About 127’3 ¾” (1st base to 3rd base) x 155’6” (Home plate to outfield)

Built By: T.H. Martin & Sons / Playing Field of Maine

Construction Completed: 1999

Seating Capacity: Portable Bleachers



Irrigation system

Permanent fencing


Team dugouts

Portable bleachers

Batting cages


Softball Field


The softball field is the playing and practice facility for the softball program, which is a skinned infield and grass outfield. It meets NCAA standards for playing specifications with team dugouts and permanent fencing. A bullpen is located off each dugout, along with press box and concession area.


First Event: Thomas vs. MMA April 10th, 1999

Size: Approximately 200 Feet (Home plate to corner outfield fences)

210 feet (Home plate to centerfield)

Construction Completed: 1999

Built By: T.H. Martin & Sons / Playing Field of Maine

Seating Capacity: 250



Permanent fencing

Team dugouts


Press box

Storage area

Concessions area

Bathroom Facility

Permanent seating


Alumni Field


The Alumni field serves as an alternative grass practice field for men and women’s soccer as well as men and women’s lacrosse. This is a grass playing field with in ground irrigation system. A scoreboard is located on bench area.


Size: 120 yds. x 75 yds.

Construction Completed: 1999

Seating Capacity:  80 during soccer season

40 during women’s lacrosse season



8x8 storage shed

Portable bleachers

Irrigation system